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Resilon Coatings

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Resilon is a series of water-based, VOC-compliant, user-friendly coatings designed to improve the performance of automotive sealing systems and other flexible substrates, particularly where release, abrasion and noise reduction are required.

Resilon Coatings offers good flexibility, freeze-release, chemical resistance and anti-squeak characteristics. These types of coatings are applied via spray application as part of the extrusion process or to individual parts. They are ideal for automotive EPDM extrusions as well as temperature sensitive substrates. For more information about our Resilon Coating services please contact us.

For a guide to Flexible Finishes please visit Whitford’s Resilon page.

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Resilon Coatings

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Resilon Coating Specification Table

Automotive Coating
One Component
User Friendly
VOC Compliant
High Performance
EPDM Rubber
Flexible Substrate
Coating Characteristics
Abrasion Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Low Friction
Noise Reduction
Squeak and Itch
Installation Aid
Pre-Coating Preparation Pre-Treatment (Adhesion Promoter)
  • Chemical (Primers, water and solvent based)
  • Electrical (Corona and Plasma)
  • Pre-Heat
Application Process
Spray Application
Brush Application
Chain-on-Edge Conveyors
Robotic Application
Bulk Footage Application
Infra Red
UV Cure
Low Temperature
Additional Services Research and Development
Inspection Density, pH, Solids, Viscosity
Testing Dry Film Build (Thickness)
Chemical Cure Check
Typical Lead Time 1 week

Additional Information
Industry Focus Automotive
Intended Application
Weather Strip Seals
Molded Corner Seal
Outer Belt Seals
Inner Belt Seals
Primary Seals
Secondary Seals
Auxiliary Seals
Glass Run Seals
Trunk Seals
Hood Seals
Windshield Seals
Back Glass Seals
A-Pillar Seals
B-Pillar Seals
C-Pillar Seals
Body Seals
Cowl Seals
Radiator Seals
Division Bar Seals
Quarter Seals
Sliding Window Seals
Mirror Patch Seals
Tailgate Seals
Hatchback Seals
Interior Seals
Wiper Seals
Convertible Seals
Trim Seals
Sunroof Seals
Door Seals
Window Seals
Pickup Truck Seals
Coating Over Flock
Hingecover Seals
Energy Absorber
Console Inserts
Cupholder Inserts
Dashboard Isolators
Non - Automotive
RV Seals
Train Seals
Bus Seals
Boat Seals
Marine Seals
Toilet Seals
Heavy Equipment Seals
Drainage Pipe Seals
Cove Base
Appliance Seals
Dishwasher Seals
Washing machine Seals
Home Window and Door Seals
Pickup Truck Bed Cover Seals
Helmet Padding
Semi-Truck Seals
Trailer Seals
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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