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Low Friction Coating of EPDM Gaskets

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A customer in the drain pipe industry approached Alpha Coatings to apply a low friction coating on EPDM rubber gaskets to allow for easier assembly of drain pipes. Previously, the customer was applying a grease coating on the gaskets by hand, contributing to higher labor costs and environmental concerns. First we pre-heated the EPDM gaskets and then sprayed them with a clear, low friction Resilon coating. A reciprocating coating process was used for smaller gaskets and a bulk footage coating process for larger gaskets. After curing the gaskets in an oven, we packaged the product in boxes and applied labels indicating the quantity. With a length up to 60" and a width up to 1.5", the gaskets had a coating thickness of .4 to .6 mils, and met tolerances of .2 mils. After performing extensive cure testing and dry film thickness (DFT) testing, we delivered the product to the customer in Hamilton, Ohio.

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Low friction coating of EPDM gaskets

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Highlights of this low friction coating project

Product Description Low Friction Coating of EPDM Gaskets
Low Friction Coating Capabilities & Applied/Processes
Pre-Heat-Prior to Coating
Coating Application-Spray
  • Cure in Oven
  • Package into Boxes with Barcode Labels
Equipment Used to Coat Part Reciprocating coating process for smaller gaskets, bulk footage coating process for larger gaskets.
Overall Part Dimensions
Widths from .75 to 1.5"
Tightest Tolerances +.2mils/-0mils
Substrate EPDM
Coating Color Clear
In process testing/inspection performed Cure testing and DFT (dry film thickness) testing.
Industry for Use Drainage pipe
Delivery Location Hamilton, Ohio
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Project Name Application of Low friction Coating to Gaskets

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