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Application of Hot Foam Mastic for Automotive Application

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Custom Mastic Application area at Alpha Coatings
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Hot Foam Mastic Applied in Channel of Part
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Hot Foam Mastic for Automotive Door Seals

Approached by a customer in the automotive industry, Alpha Coatings custom coating application services applied hot foam mastic on automotive door seals to enhance adhesion of the seal to the seal mounting flange on the vehicle. We injected white, hot foam mastic into the channel of the EPDM rubber door seal using a robotic mastic application process. This process did not require curing and was ready for immediate packaging. The door seals with the foam mastic had a length of 1956mm and a thickness of 2.5mm +/- 1mm. Upon conducting thickness and coverage quality checks, we delivered the product to the customer in Bowling Green, Ohio. Detailed specifications are available below.

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Application of Hot Foam Mastic on a Door Seal

Product Description We applied hot foam mastic on these doors seals for mounting on an automobile.
Custom Coating Capabilities & Applied/Processes
Fixture Design & Manufacturing
Coating Application
  • Hot Foam Mastic 
  • Injected into the Channel of the Part by a Robotic Mastic Application Process.
  • No cure required
  • Customer Returnable Containers, Barcode Labeling meeting Automotive Requirements
Equipment Used to Coat Part Robotic mastic application process
Overall Part Dimensions Length:
Mastic Thickness: 2.5mm +/- 1mm
Coating Type Hot Mastic
Substrate EPDM Rubber
Coating Color White
In process testing/inspection performed Mastic thickness and coverage check
Industry for Use Automotive
Delivery Location Bowling Green, Ohio
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Project Name Application of Hot Foam Mastic Adhesive to an Automotive Door Seal

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