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Application of Primer to Liftgate Trim for the Automotive Industry

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An automotive customer approached Alpha Coatings' automotive coating services to apply primer to their liftgate trim components using our application process. After pre-cleaning the plastic substrate with a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water, we applied the tape primer with an applicator tip. Upon drying the 8mm x 495mm area, we conducted black-light visual inspection to ensure proper primer application and coverage and then packaged the product as per customer specifications.

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 Tape Priming Process for the Automotive Industry

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Highlights of this Automotive Primer Coating Project

Product Description We applied a primer to this automotive component
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Fixture Design & Manufacturing
  • Clean Surface w/ Mix of Isopropyl Alcohol and Water
  • Applied w/ an Applicator Tip 
Packaging Per customer specifications
Equipment Used to Coat Part Special Applicator Tip
Coating Thickness Full wet out of primed area.
Overall Primer Dimensions 8mm x 495mm
Tightest Tolerances No primer on show surface
Coating Type Industry Standard tape primer
Substrate Polypropylene
In process testing/inspection performed Black-light visual inspection to ensure proper primer coverage.
Industry for Use Automotive
Delivery Location Bowling Green, Ohio
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Project Name Application of Primer to Automotive Component

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